A Testimonial From a Satisfied Client

Our unique relationship with Andrew Whitehouse began when I attended one

Nicola James
Head Teacher

of his fantastic courses about ADHD, Autism. Following the course Andrew gave me his undivided attention to talk to me about specific pupils in our school and I later booked a date for him to visit our school for a day.



During this visit Andrew observed the children, teachers, the environment and school routines and pin pointed key areas to improve the behaviour and social development of children in our school. He gave us many tools to use when faced with conflicts between children such as the hugely successful social stories technique and simple changes for our classrooms like visual timetables.  The advice he gave about specific “problem” children was invaluable and has proved to be successful. These children are no longer struggling with the day to day routines of school life. Andrew also worked with our staff team to help create a water tight behaviour policy and reward and sanction programme which helped to create a robust and consistent approach to behaviour right across the school from reception to year 6. This has resulted in the staff working together, using the same approach and the children having a clear understanding of what is expected of them.


Andrew returned for a second visit to observe key children who were identified by the class teacher as concerns: perhaps with queries about ADHD or autism. Andrew’s expert eye and wealth of specialist knowledge supported the teachers concerns or pointed out areas where these children needed special attention to help them manage in the classroom. Sometimes quick fixes such as classroom layout or removal of noisy distractions was all we needed but it took someone with a fresh pair of eyes, who knew what to look for, to help us see the wood for the trees.


Since these visits, Andrew has become a good friend of the school and is always at the end of the phone or an email away if we ever have any problems or need someone to talk to regarding behaviour – quite frankly if you just need cheering up, Andrew will oblige!


Because schools have staffing changes, Andrew is keen to pass on the messages that existing staff have had to new appointments. NQTs have had 1:1 meetings and phone calls with him to discuss strategies and individual children. I know these meetings have inspired the staff to try new things and tackle behaviour and special needs head on and with confidence.


I would say that our school has never looked back since our initial meeting with Andrew and feel we have a friend and confidant in our constant drive to support our children to be the best that they can be.


Nicola James


Head Teacher


St Andrew’s Primary School, Bishop Auckland

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