Dyslexia Testimonials

How about a couple of Dyslexia Testimonials…

This one is from a teacher who attended a Dyslexia short course at Bishop Grosseteste University:

Hello Andrew,

I would just like to say how such a simple strategy img_1568has change how I read completely. I used to have to read anything three or four times. I have read more for uni in three days than I have in two years. I cant wait to pass this on to my students.

Many Thanks

Rebecca Sykes:-)




And this one from the mother of a young boy with Irlen Syndrome:

It has been so fantastic to find Andrew who fully understands how my son will learn letters words and numbers. As a parent, when Andrew discussed the various learning strategies, I found them to be very simple and straightforward. When my six year old son started using these methods, his life changed instantly.

It was as if an orchestra was playing the most fantastic music and it was the first time he had ever heard a sound.  My son’s eyes, his facial expression, he was amazed at what the written word could do.  Not just a lot of jumbled up letters in no particular order, but words in rows in straight lines.

It’s amazing!  My son is able to read books!

Joanne Dalton, NHS Professional

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