Gary McKinnon Update From National Autistic Society

Today we took a petition, signed by thousands of you, to Downing Street to call on Gordon Brown to take Asperger syndrome into account in the case of Gary McKinnon. Gary has been accused of hacking into US Defense computer systems. There are grave concerns about the effect of extraditing him, or anyone else with Asperger syndrome. Please visit our website for more information about Gary’s case.

Thanks to the thousands of you who campaigned with us by signing the petition, we delivered a powerful message to Downing Street. The petition was presented by Gary’s mum, Janis, and Trudie Styler, one of a group of celebrities supporting Gary’s case, who then met with Sarah Brown, the Prime Minister’s wife, to discuss the case.

We’ve been campaigning to stop Gary’s extradition since his diagnosis, and his case is now receiving a lot of media coverage: you may have seen the Daily Mail campaign in support of Gary in today’s paper. Both the media interest and the petition are powerful tools for showing the strength of support that Gary has, so thank you for your help.

Best wishes,

Matthew Downie
Campaigns Manager

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