Guest Post from Isaac Thomson Whitehouse – Pi – Top Enthusiast and Coder

Dear People First Education readers,

Readers may remember that last year I reviewed my visit to BETT, a huge technology and education show that happens every year at the EXcEL Centre in London (The Week Junior issue no 63).  Some of you may also remember that I promised to return in 2018 to write a follow up.  This year, as always there were thousands of stalls, many of which were mind-blowing with their new innovations and ideas.  I would like to tell you about my three favourites which were all very exciting for the way they stood out.

TeacherGeek was all about problem solving and creating robots and machines.  I was given a range of components and a broken machine which I had to fix by just using the pieces provided.  I made some mistakes, but I had a lot of help from Darren Coon, the Chief Maker (below).  Great fun!

Next was Lenovo Computers, who demonstrated their stand-alone Virtual Reality headset which didn’t need a computer or a phone to function.  It was really good and had some fun programs and games including a cooking simulation which was very realistic.

With Jesse Lozano CEO Pi – Top

However, my favourite was Pi – Top, the organization which makes extra operating systems, software and hardware for the Raspberry Pi.  Whilst I was there, I was lucky enough to be introduced to Jesse Lozano, CEO of Pi – Top who was interested to know what I’d been doing with my own Pi – Top and was very keen to share ideas and give me advice.   My Dad asked “would it make me a cup of tea?” and Jesse replied “Yes it could”.

I was at BETT for one day last year, two days this year and  I will probably need all four days in 2019 to take it all in.  If you love tech, I definitely recommend BETT, you will be inspired and astounded at what is happening out there.

 Thank you, from Isaac Thomson Whitehouse

Age 13, Year 8

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