It’s time to hit the reset button! by Paul Hughes

Paul Hughes is a dear friend of mine and I am delighted that he has agreed to get involved and contribute to the #GetInvolved project.  The #GetInvolved project is where I ask colleagues and professionals to talk about education, special education, wellbeing and mental health and anything that reminds us that the current difficulties are temporary and the quest for upskilling is permanent and ongoing.



Paul Hughes is a multi-award winning, multi-lingual and multi-talented entrepreneur.

A former RAF crewman, United Nations Weapons Inspector and Interpreter, his experience and knowledge is vast, underpinned by his commitment to being what he calls a ‘Disciple of Elite Performance’.

Paul’s impressive 23-year military career commenced in 1989 – a vocation that focused on operations in the Middle East, North Africa and Afghanistan, as well as a high profile secondment with the United Nations Special Commission to Iraq during the era of Saddam Hussein.

A specialist in a range of fields, holding several Masters’ degrees (with Distinction) and a speaker of four languages, Paul initiated and led a youth language engagement initiative in 2009, which saw his volunteering efforts go on to win national and international awards for the promotion of languages and also inclusivity within inner city schools up and down the UK.

Now, his portfolio of interests in his 9th year as a civilian since leaving the military include being the CEO of pH Interim, a forensic research company that predominantly supports the insurance and legal sectors; a Partner at the Anglo-American company Humanintelligence, which specialises in psychometric testing; the Director of Communications for Mark7 Productions, and of course his highly sought after work as a motivational speaker, in which he draws from his rich array of experiences and expertise to speak to thousands of people all around the world, inspiring them to overcome adversity and drive towards their objectives.

Here is Paul’s blog post…

It’s time to hit the reset button!

by Paul Hughes

So here we go! The isolation of a social animal has begun!

Many workflows cancelled for obvious reasons and myriad concerns ranging from the health of family and friends to the enforcement of a lockdown and the likely economic effect to the nation and beyond…

Right, now all that is off my chest what can worrying about those said issues do for me? The answer, they’ll just deplete my central nervous system and start a cycle of oppression that will lower both my serotonin and dopamine levels. I often use an iPhone example to describe this analogy: if you have many apps running on your device the battery runs down a lot quicker and is eventually sluggish to respond when almost flat! Thus, as Bobby McFerrin sang “Don’t worry be happy!”

It’s time for a reset and to tune into the positives in life and what you would ultimately do with it if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Having some self-isolation downtime is the very moment to change those life habits and traits that you’ve not had the time to consider due to workflows etc… or even plan and/or acquire some new skills to propel you into a new career ladder.

Neuro plasticity starts today to enable a new improved you! Don’t listen to that voice in your head that says you can’t.

Stay safe and be #realworldready 👊

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