My Livio AI Hearing Aids Story – by Andrew Whitehouse aged 52 ½

So far so… actually, much more than good!


So, I know a lot of people have been interested in my experiences with hearing aids.  I can understand that, they’re technology, right?  We all love a bit of tech, right?  And speaking of tech, technically the Livio AI are my second pair of hearing aids, my first set were given to me in November 2018, but I only had them for a few weeks before Starkey asked me if I would like to trial the Livio AI; a smart hearing aid that does lots of cool stuff.  My imme

diate thoughts are that from a comfort point of view, these hearing aids fit in just lovely next to my glasses and really give me no trouble at all.  However, for me the major benefit is the ability to run them from a phone app.  This means that I can do a lot of things with my hearing aids that I couldn’t do before.



Immediately, the difference between the Livio AI and my previous hearing aids is the sound improvement.  After a few days I started to notice that peripheral noises seemed to be less of a problem.  In addition to that, I can actually alter the direction that the sounds come from, for example if I am in a large auditorium in the back-right hand corner I can set the microphone to a suitable angle, or I can set it

to track sounds automatically.  As a public speaker with a significant conference profile this is a big game changer.



The Thrive App is a lot of fun!  The fitness tracking is of particular interest to me.  I don’t really get enough exercise, but I am definitely of the school of “don’t eat between meals, always use the stairs” and although I don’t carry excess weight, I like to keep it that way, so I love the step count – I will go for a walk in the evening if I don’t hit the mark.  A perfect motivator.   With regard to the co


gnitive engagement feature, my mother once said I don’t listen e

nough!  This is a good way to keep an eye on my listening and engagement habits.  So far, my best Thrive score is 188 out of 200.  I will hit 200!



Best bits so far:

  • Out and about in noisy places, shows, conferences etc. Much less stressful

  • Not having the telly up loud

  • Being proud to show off my ‘ear tech’

  • But mostly this video from my buddy Greg over a coffee…

  • Greg having his coffee

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