Overdiagnosing of Autism?

Michael Savage, the contraversial New York radio presenter has found himself at the centre of a row after making comments about Autistic children on his show. Indeed parents have been so angered that a demonstration was held outside the station.

Mr Savage apparently described 99% of children with Autism as “brats” and “idiots” and went on to claim overdiagnosis and stated that drug companies were creating a “national panic” in the USA.

Whilst it is true that Michael Savage’s comments are offensive and inappropriate, it is true that numbers of diagnoses have increased, but that just goes to prove that there is a need for modification of teaching strategies. Here at People First Education, we strongly advocate the use of Autism and Asperger Syndrome friendly practice for all learners and firmly believe it to be globally beneficial. Ultimately, from an inclusion perspective clear communication and low arousal environments are essential elements of modern teaching.

May we wish all colleagues who are or about to be on summer break a well earnt rest.

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