Rays of Sunshine

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Under pressure from my daughter Maisie, I have stupidly agreed to run the Lincoln 10k (i’ve not really done any serious running since 1985). If anybody would like to pledge any money for me to run (and finish) the Lincoln 10k, they can do so by emailing me at my hotmail:

Any money raised will be given to the children’s charity rays of sunshine: (see link on the right of this page).

You may be aware that Leah, one of the little girls that attends Nursery with my son Reuben is very ill. Last week Rays of Sunshine put on a wish party for Leah. This was a beautiful and joyous event where Leah arrived dressed as a princess in a beautiful horse and carriage. The party had clowns, a disco, a magician, and of course fabulous cakes. This party was a wonderful way for Leah to spend time with her friends and was completely organised by Rays of Sunshine. Inspired by this, I am sure that we would all love to see other brave children have their wish turned into a happy memory for all that love them.

My very best wishes to all


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