So this is (was) Christmas and what have you done?

Now here’s a thing…


I’ve just been writing my application to speak at the Daily Telegraph Festival of Education and for obvious reasons, they wanted some evidence to prove that I have a tongue in my head and can make noises.  So, I went through my diary to look at the activity for 2016 and I absolutely could not believe what had happened throughout the year.  To quote another beautiful John Lennon song “life is what happens to you whilst your busy making other plans”.  Too true!IMG_20170114_154914_193

So, I thought I might like to share this quite incredible list of achievements with you all, after all without you supporting our events none of this would have happened!

I have been providing lectures, seminars, workshops and conference presentations for 10 years now and have a wealth of experience in public speaking.

So here you go, an overview of 2016 and its ups and ups:

I am and continue to be a regular visiting speaker and training provider for:
Bishop Grosseteste University Lincoln,
Harlow Education Consortium,
KLA Cluster Kings Lynn,
Flintshire Council
PAACT Autism Support


Chaired the panel panel-chair-at-tackling-mental-health“Tackling Mental Health – Setting a Strategy” at Educated Yorkshire (2016)
Presented “Getting it Right for Learners with Dyslexia” at TeachFest Lincoln (2016)
Presented “ADHD: Effective Strategies” at Purleigh Education Conference (2016)
Presented “Implementing the SEND Reform Bill” at Sheffield College Annual Conference (2016)

And just this week, I’ve been booked as Keynote Speaker at SEN conference for DSPL 6 (Developing Special Provision Locally) in Potters Bar and Borehamwood

Presented “SEND Lincolnshire Breakfast Showcase” at Bishop Grosseteste University sponsored by Russell Payne Chartered Accountants

In addition to these, I have been running small workshops and seminars for SEN at least twice a week for 10 years now and will continue to do so.  Oh, and we also made this fabulous 3 minute video:


However, my proudest moment had to be arranging the allocation of 80 free cycle helmets to be shared between St Andrew’s Primary School in Bishop Auckland and Lache Primary School in Cheshire. My eternal gratitude goes out to The Ryan Smith Foundation for their generosity.


I’m sure you will agree that it really has been quite a year.  For those of you who have worked with me, you will know that you are always welcome to give me a call on 0794 383 8819 or email me at and if you don’t know me… the same applies.

So please do get in touch,

Let’s have a cup of coffee sometime.

Your friend in SEN


Andrew Whitehouse MSpEd CPSE (PGCert) BAHons QTS
SEN Consultant

01427 667556
0794 383 8819

LinkedIn Andrew Whitehouse

Twitter @pfeducation

Instagram andreww7766

Please see up and coming events at

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