Told You So!!!

Broken yesterday, the story that Michael Jackson had his body scanned back in the ’90s presents a number of interesting possibilities, particularly since there’s a big push for 3D video tech right now. Still, let’s not get too excited. We don’t know exactly what these images include, but it seems unlikely that they’re anything like concert footage that’s shot specifically for 3D. As reported, the images were meant to help create some kind of “virtual double” of Jackson, much the same way that special effects for movies like Spider-Man were created. Creating some kind of 3D concert video from that would be a big leap.

Still, for an artist as popular as Jackson was, it’s not hard to imagine someone dedicating the resources to make that leap. With some progress in holographic tech, and even more intriguing idea would be to recreate a real-live Jackson concert with a Jackson hologram as the main attraction. Given how much lip-synching goes on in today’s pop, would a full-on virtual performer be much of a stretch? Or just too macabre in this case? Whatever happens, you can bet the images won’t end up in a green screen challenge (though we can hope).

Via The Telegraph

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