Turning Stones for Madeleine

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
As you may know, People First Education have been proud to support the continuing search for Madeleine McCann.

I have recently received the following update from the team at Find Madeleine outlining ways in which we can all help with the search:

* Going on holiday? You can download a holiday pack of resoures specifically designed to help with the search for Madeleine.
* Are you or your friends attending London during the Olympics? Turning Stones for Madeleine are targeting people in and around London or anyone travelling to London for the Olympics and asking them to get shops/taxi’s anyone to display Madeleine posters so that overseas visitors can be made aware that she is still missing.

If you would like a holiday pack, or to access Turning Stones for Madeleine please click on the images on the right hand side of the web version of this page.

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