Welcome to the new Autism Update Blog

Welcome to the new People First Education Autism Update Blog. It is hoped that we shall be adding relevant information on a regular basis regarding the world of Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASDs).

Anybody who has attended the Autism Day Course will know that the major focus of the day is to gain a deeper understand of ASDs. Indeed, this forms the basis of the whole of our ethos. An unfortunate example of the damage a lack of understanding of ASDs can cause has been reported in the international news this week. In this instance a situation where a young man with Autism has been excluded from his place of worship due to his behavioural differences. It would be very easy to apportion blame in these circumstances, however this is not an issue of blame, it is an issue of understanding.

At People First Education we believe that a knowledge of ASDs will benefit both the learner and those working with them.

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