Able, Gifted and Talented Training

A day course of strategies for Teaching and Support Staff to engage, teach and include those who may be Able/Gifted/Talented.

What to expect on the Course…

  • A brief examination of some high profile Gifted/Talented/Able people and their personal life experiences.
  • Above average achiever – Gifted/Talented/Able – What is the difference?
  • What is gifted? Talented? Able?  To include a wide range of identification strategies.
  • Developmental and social problems experienced by Gifted/Talented/Able learners and interventions to overcome these.
  • How to engage those who may be Gifted/Talented/Able to achieve academic satisfaction.  To include extra-curricular considerations, grouping options and creating a positively challenging ethos.
  • A range of metacognition strategies.
  • Listening to Gifted/Talented/Able in order to meet their needs fully.
  • A range of ‘good practice’ general interventions.

Case Studies and Workshop Activities

  • This training is supported by a range of case studies and workshop activities during which each delegate will learn to:
  • Better understand the needs of individuals who may be Gifted/Talented/Able.
  • Create differentiated, level of understanding appropriate interventions.
  • Adapt the sensory environment to meet the needs of individuals and groups of individuals.


Following the training

  • At the conclusion of the training there will be an optional follow up activity set (homework).  This is a great opportunity to practice the skills learnt on the day and to investigate interventions for individual cases.
  • All delegates are encouraged to stay in touch for informal further support.

This is a fun, informative and effective workshop which enables the delegates to work more effectively with a range of individuals, and instils a deeper knowledge allowing them to feel confident in creating interventions.

Upcoming Able, Gifted and Talented Training Courses Dates

  • N/A – No Upcoming Courses Currently Booked

Positive words from some of our delegates!

Thank you for yet another inspirational training course. I am now equipped to send my little one on another journey whilst learning.

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