Autism/Asperger Syndrome Training

Strategies for effective inclusion of learners with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASDs): for teachers and/or support staff, designed to enable successful inclusion of learners with Autism and Asperger Syndrome.

The aim of this fun, informative and effective workshop is to provide each delegate with a deeper knowledge and understanding of the needs of a range of learners with ASDs and provide them with the skills necessary to create appropriate interventions.

What to expect on the Course…

That does it mean to have an ASD? An introduction to the needs of the learner and their associated impairments.  This will include guidance on clear communication skills, sensory considerations, working with rigid thinking and guidance on developing social and emotional understanding.

  • How can the classroom practitioner ensure an ASD friendly environment? A simple and effective guide to adapting the classroom to meet the needs of learners with ASDs, whilst continuing to fully include their peers.
  • The virtual world. Some of the ways ICT, including Interactive Whiteboards, tablets etc. can be used to enhance educational provision and social inclusion for learners with ASDs.
  • An examination of how communication problems can affect social and emotional understanding How we can use and understand a lack of flexible thought (rigid thinking) and work with it.
  • Using visual communication tools to aid social and emotional understanding. A selection of activities designed to teach attendees how to quickly and efficiently write a range of differentiated social stories
  • Why learners need Social Stories and other Visual Interventions and how they can benefit from them.
  • Applying the ASD impairments to Social Stories and understanding how they work.
  • Differentiated – age and level appropriate ways of writing and presenting the best: quick, efficient and accurate Social Stories and other Visual Interventions.

Course Outcomes

This training is supported by a range of case studies, group discussion and workshop activities during which each delegate will learn to:

  • Better understand the needs of learners with ASDs.
  • Create appropriate age and level appropriate environmental, electronic and visual interventions.
  • Enhance social understanding by implementing effective strategies.

Upcoming Autism/Asperger Syndrome Training Courses Dates

  • N/A – No Upcoming Courses Currently Booked

Positive words from some of our delegates!

I went to a talk Andrew gave to start a day of workshops for TA’s. I was blown away by Andrew’s enthusiasm and presentation style which engaged 150 people and sparked their own enthusiasms for the day.

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