Voice From the Lockdown

Voice From the Lockdown

As covid-19 sweeps the world, many governments have put their countries into lockdown

“So what are you doing while stuck at home Isaac?” You may ask…

well, I have done many new things since the lockdown.

Firstly, I have been filming and editing digitised courses for my dad.  My dad is a trainer and for obvious reasons can’t get out and about at the moment so, we locked ourselves in a room for three weeks and committed his life’s work to film – which is now in the process of getting him up and running again!

As for myself, just before the crisis hit, I had started teaching twilight Pi-Top and Raspberry Pi sessions in schools and various other institutions.  Again, this too has come to a (temporary) end, leaving me no alternative but to film my workshops and offer them up as pre recorded online training, the first of which is being filmed on Friday…  by my tech phobic dad…  it’s a good job I know how to teach him!  So far I have received positive interest from Deaf Minds Education, Harlow Education Consortium and Parents and Autistic Children Together (PAACT)

My dad and sister in their Maker Masks

Most exciting however was an email one Friday night from Pi-Top.  Did I want to be involved with helping pi-top to create instructional videos for children to use when 3d printing respirator masks for the Maker Mask Movement. this involved printing some draft prints to see whether there was any parts that would be difficult for beginners or younger children.

Due to this being a huge success I then went on to print masks for many teachers, key workers and audiologists (my personal favourites) as well as one each for everyone in my family. As well as this, I am next week going to be continuing teaching raspberry pi and pi-top workshops digitally.

It really has been a busy time and I have been involved in all sorts of new and interesting things.

I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Stay safe


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